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Income Tax:

Tax compliance has become complicated due to frequent changes in regulations and their mere multiplicity. We have an in-depth understanding of the system and can translate these into easy-to-comprehend advice.
We can offer professional advice on tax issues affecting resident Indians, NRIs as well as foreign nationals. Apart from that, we provide tax-planning services that enable you to limit your personal and future tax liabilities. We help you to organize your cumbersome tax affairs, give you reminders of payment deadlines and make sure that all statutory requirements are satisfied.
We offer following services:
  • Applying and obtaining Permanent Account Numbers (PANs) and Tax deduction Account Numbers(TANs)
  • Registration of Trusts under the Indian Income Tax Act, 1961
  • Providing updates on significant and pertinent changes in law
  • Assistance in availing benefits, exemptions, relief, rebates and deductions to minimize the incidence of tax
  • "Representing" or "consultancy for representing" before the assessing authorities for expeditious and timely completion of assessments
  • Assistance in moving courts against any legal issues in assessments/ appeal orders
  • Undertake a study to evaluate status of compliance with relevant statutes and appraise on exposure to risks, both Domestic and Foreign Tax laws
  • Filing of returns and expediting the process of obtaining refund
  • Tax Planning through investments
  • Advance tax computation
  • Providing income-tax opinions on various complex tax issues to the clients.
  • Rendering advice on international taxation matters, double taxation agreements etc.
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